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What child tax credit payments mean to families
Jul 15, 2021

What child tax credit payments mean to families

Child tax credit deposits begin rolling out this week. We'll hear from families about what the cash assistance will mean for them and from experts about whether this six-month program might stick around. Plus, news about product recalls, Amazon and just who should be responsible for doing the recalling. And Wall Street Journal reporter Gwynn Guilford joins us to assess how difficult it might be to control future inflation.

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Child tax credit payments begin, aiding families with basic expenses

Jul 15, 2021
A researcher says many rural families who didn't qualify for child tax credits in the past will receive the funds now.
Many families are likely to use part of their child tax credit payments on school supplies.
Philippe Huguen/Getty Images

When a product is sold on Amazon, who should do the recalling?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is taking action against the tech giant. Marketplace’s Nancy Marshall-Genzer has more.

Are we entering an era of higher inflation?

Jul 15, 2021
Experts say global forces that helped keep inflation low for decades — like international trade and an expanding workforce — are dissipating.
Global trade and the worldwide labor force have restrained inflation, experts say, but key trends might be reversing.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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