What causes inflation? Economists and the public disagree
Jun 12, 2024

What causes inflation? Economists and the public disagree

Much of the public think interest rate hikes lead to higher prices — contrary to economic orthodoxy.

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What do people think causes inflation?

Jun 12, 2024
A survey reveals the general public doesn't always agree with economists on what causes higher prices.
"People have a very valid lived experience that just sometimes doesn't align with our official statistics," said Harvard economist Stefanie Stantcheva.
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How the Federal Reserve's inflation fight today compares with the '70s and '80s

Decades ago, the Fed was battling double-digit inflation, and Chair Paul Volcker took aggressive action that drove interest rates way up.
As Fed chair, Paul Volcker aggressively fought raging inflation, driving interest rates far higher than they are today. Above, Volcker in 2005.
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