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We’re still trying to figure out where everyone is going to work
Jun 28, 2021

We’re still trying to figure out where everyone is going to work

And one area we're watching as companies choose when and how to reopen is office furniture. Many businesses actually sold their furniture last year, and now getting facilities ready might not be as simple as dusting off the desks — because there might not be desks left to dust. Plus, a preview for the June data on hiring and unemployment which the government releases this Friday. And, in California, training a workforce to build and maintain electric vehicles.

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States have started cutting federal unemployment benefits. We're starting to see that show up in the jobless claims numbers.

Weekly jobless claims are back on a downward trajectory. The cuts to federal pandemic unemployment benefits in certain states may not have a huge effect on June hiring and unemployment numbers, however, which are out this Friday. It’s a little early for the cuts to be reflected in that data, said Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives. That its, it remains to be seen if a cut in unemployment benefits will correspond with an acceleration in hiring or not. Coronado said the consensus number for jobs created in June is around 700,000. That would be a little bit of a pickup in pace compared to May.

As workers head back to the office, will they find the old desk and chair waiting?

Jun 28, 2021
Some companies sold office furniture last year to shore up cash for uncertain times.

Training a new workforce for California's move to electric vehicles

Jun 28, 2021
Researchers say the state will need a lot more people to build and maintain its EV infrastructure.
If California wants to reach carbon-neutral transportation by 2045, it must recruit and train more people to work on vehicles and infrastructure.
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