We didn’t buy more in June, but we did spend more …
Jul 16, 2021

We didn’t buy more in June, but we did spend more …

While retail sales were up 0.6% in the month of June, sales in quantity terms were down — the reason is inflation. Plus, a look at the banking sector's insistence that employees return to the office. And we'll hear from a farm in California's Central Valley that is battling historic drought.

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The ins and outs of the retail sales rebound

Is this an illusion created by inflation? “Marketplace Morning Report” regular Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial, joins us to hash it out.

Why are some large banks taking a hard line on workers returning to the office?

Jul 16, 2021
Unlike the tech sector, the finance world is putting a big emphasis on face time.
People wait to use an ATM outside a Chase branch in New York City.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

A California farm battles drought: “We're out here trying to survive"

Jul 16, 2021
A historic drought threatening crops in the West could send food prices higher.
Terranova Ranch in California's Central Valley was forced to re-drill two of its wells after they ran dry.
Courtesy of Terranova Ranch

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