USDA turns an eye toward Indigenous partnerships, food security
Nov 25, 2021

USDA turns an eye toward Indigenous partnerships, food security

Also today: As the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade returns in full force, we look into the company's announcement to cover tuition for its employees. Other companies have made the same pledges, but do those programs work? The BBC reports on a fresh wave of COVID cases that has hit Germany, right as the new incoming government begins to take over.

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USDA looks at ways to help restore Indigenous foodways

Nov 25, 2021
The agency is partnering with groups aiming to add more buffalo to tribal diets and to create an heirloom seed repository, among others.
"It’s very important to get buffalo back into our diet and back into the plates of our community members," said Jason Baldes of the InterTribal Buffalo Council. Above, an American bison, sometimes called buffalo, circa 1930.
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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