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Nearly half of the U.S. population is under winter weather alert
Feb 16, 2021

Nearly half of the U.S. population is under winter weather alert

And millions are without power in Texas this morning, amid a winter storm that’s affecting a huge swath of the country. Plus, why U.S. semiconductor producers are asking for help from President Joe Biden. And, a rare special enrollment period for Affordable Care Act health insurance plans.

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Why U.S. chipmakers want government help

Feb 16, 2021
The U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association has asked President Biden for robust funding for manufacturing and research.
Roughly only 12% of semiconductor chips are made in the U.S., says C.J. Muse, research analyst with investment banking advisory firm Evercore ISI.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Federal health care portal reopens for 3-month special enrollment period

Feb 16, 2021
The Biden administration plans to spread the word that people can sign up and may be eligible for free or subsidized coverage.
As of Monday, through May 15, people in the 36 states that use can sign up for federal insurance plans.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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