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The stock market enters another pandemic quarter riding high
Oct 1, 2020

The stock market enters another pandemic quarter riding high

Despite everything, U.S. stocks are overall doing well. Plus, unemployment claims remain stubbornly high, as consumer spending slows. And, Disney+ rolls out GroupWatch for people who want to stream movies and shows together.

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We're really losing momentum in consumer spending

Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton, said, “we did see a nice pickup in spending on services — people finally returning to hospitals catching up on all those elective surgeries they deferred during lockdowns — and also spending on some travel picking up. What we didn’t see, and what was really devastating, was we saw a drop in spending in food stores in August from July. And that was really closely tied to the lapse in that $600 a week supplement to unemployment insurance.”

What's behind the stock market's strong third quarter?

The S&P 500 gained 8.5%, the Dow is up 7.5% and the Nasdaq is up 11% for the quarter.
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Disney+ wades into the streaming-with-friends space

Oct 1, 2020
The new Disney+ GroupWatch feature allows subscribers to watch shows with friends virtually and react to scenes using emojis.
A new feature called GroupWatch will allow up to seven subscribers to stream content simultaneously and share their reactions using emojis within the app.
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