U.S. and China agree to cooperate on climate change
Apr 19, 2021

U.S. and China agree to cooperate on climate change

President Biden is expected to release U.S. proposals for reducing emissions at or before a virtual climate summit the U.S. is hosting later this week. China is not likely to make any new pledges at the summit. Plus, after a report on U.S. consumer prices last week, expectations of runaway inflation seem to have subsided ... for now. And, are tablets more popular again thanks to the pandemic?

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"The conversation on inflation actually feels a little bit more balanced than it was before"

That’s according to Julia Coronado, founder and president of MacroPolicy Perspectives, and the evidence is a drop in the 10-year Treasury yield compared to last week, with more people buying the notes. “Even after a somewhat stronger than expected inflation report last week, we actually saw people coming in and buying bonds at these yield levels,” Coronado said. It’s “the notion that it’s going to be transitory, that we’re going to have this reopening, we’re going to have some push in energy prices and some other prices on reopening. But then, overall, the economy is going to be able to absorb the stimulus just fine, and we’re going to move forward without hyperinflation.”

Apple expected to put iPads back in the spotlight

Apr 19, 2021
Tablets in general have become less popular over time, but things changed during the pandemic.
Tablet sales growth had fallen every year since 2015, according to Gartner. Then, the pandemic hit, and tablet sales growth jumped by 23%.
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