Surprise! You weren’t an employee after all.
Feb 4, 2021

Surprise! You weren’t an employee after all.

A new season of Marketplace's documentary podcast "The Uncertain Hour" is out now, and it's all about jobs and "the thing we used to call employment." Plus, McKinsey's multi-state civil settlement over its role in the opioid crisis. And, auto industry plans for electric vehicles appear to line up with Biden's goals for fighting climate change.

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Automakers are in line with Biden for new direction on climate, electric cars

Feb 4, 2021
Where EV sales are now and where they may be headed, under a new administration that is expected to nudge the industry forward.
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The erosion of employment in the U.S., from the gig economy to decades-long corporate strategy and beyond

Marketplace’s documentary podcast “The Uncertain Hour” has just launched a new season that gets deep into the history and the future of employees. Host Krissy Clark joined the “Marketplace Morning Report” to discuss.

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