UAW threatens to expand strike
Sep 21, 2023

UAW threatens to expand strike

If no substantial progress is made by tomorrow, the UAW strike could grow. We look at the impact. Then, why do companies "un-public" themselves?

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An expanded strike could hobble carmakers' profit engines

Almost a week into the autoworkers strike, UAW union members and car companies are still far from an agreement. Nova Safo digs into the ripple effects.

Why do companies "un-public" themselves?

There’s been a string of high-profile companies going public recently — Instacart, ARM, Birkenstock. But Toshiba shareholders just did the reverse, selling it to private equity firms for $13.5 billion. What’s behind this trend? Erik Gordon, professor at Michigan’s Ross School of Business, joins to discuss.

With volunteerism in decline, this nonprofit turned to seniors

Sep 21, 2023
When COVID hit, the volunteers on that many nonprofits depended upon disappeared.
As the pandemic has waned, the nonprofit School on Wheels — which serves children who live on Skid Row — has turned to recruiting seniors.
Fredric J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

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