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TurboTax parent company to settle over deceptive advertising claims
May 5, 2022

TurboTax parent company to settle over deceptive advertising claims

The company behind TurboTax has agreed to pay restitution to millions of customers who used its tax preparation software. This is to settle allegations that Intuit used deceptive marketing tactics to charge people who should have been able to file their taxes for free. Marketplace’s Nova Safo has the latest details. Also, Diane Swonk, chief economist at the tax and advisory firm Grant Thornton, walks us through the state of the labor market and the implications of the Fed's half point rate hike yesterday. Plus, what happens when a country's central bank does not use higher interest rates to rein in inflation? We have an example from Turkey, where consumer prices are up nearly 70% in a year. And, hear how Allentown, Pennsylvania, at the heart of the Rust Belt has started attracting new manufacturing businesses.

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Allentown region moving on from the days when the steel industry collapsed

May 5, 2022
The Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania has a booming manufacturing sector and is fast becoming a major logistics hub.
Rusted blast furnaces at the SteelStacks campus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are seen. They now serve as a backdrop for music concerts.
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