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Trust issues can be a factor in the COVID vaccine process
Sep 10, 2020

Trust issues can be a factor in the COVID vaccine process

We also talk about the widening wealth gap, as the group Oxfam reports how corporations are raking in profits during the pandemic. Diane Swonk discusses the markets with us.

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Oxfam points out corporations profiting in the pandemic

The report from the anti-poverty advocacy group notes the wealth gap could be increasing as a result.

Some of the most vulnerable to COVID say they won't get a vaccine

In part two of our interview, we discuss the level of trust that can be a factor in the vaccine distribution process.
Travelers, some in protective gear, walk through John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) as it stands mostly empty due to the ongoing cutbacks in travel because of the coronavirus on April 16, 2020 in New York City.
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