Aug 10, 2020

Employers may not even bother cutting payroll taxes as President Trump has directed

Trump's executive actions include a temporary payroll tax cut and a call for states to help pay more in unemployment benefits. Those things might not be so easy to carry out. The EPA's methane emissions rules. The dollar's downward drift.

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Even with the payroll tax cut from Trump's executive action, companies might continue withholding

There's a lot of ambiguity to employers as to whether they're even allowed to reduce the withholding.
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Trump seeks to boost unemployment benefits with executive action

Julia Coronado, president and founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives, says President Trump is calling for a whole new system, which could cause delays for people receiving unemployment.

Is the dollar no longer king in the international economy?

Aug 10, 2020
Pick a currency, any currency. Chances are, it gained against the U.S. dollar last month.
It won't be easy to knock off the U.S. dollar. When governments save their money, they overwhelmingly save in dollars.
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