Impeachment weighed against Biden’s economic agenda
Jan 12, 2021

Impeachment weighed against Biden’s economic agenda

Plus, the prospect for better better economic news and more fiscal relief in the year ahead. And, the latest PPP loans can only come through applications to community banking organizations. That's intended to help businesses who couldn't get the forgivable loans the first time around.

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Tension for Democrats balancing Trump impeachment vote with Biden economic agenda

“There’s tension between Democrats who want to hold President Trump accountable for inciting the attack on the Capitol last week,” Marketplace’s Nancy Marshall-Genzer says. “But Democrats also want to give the Biden administration a strong start.”

The prospect for better economic news, more fiscal relief reflected in higher Treasury yields

2021 has been the year of higher interest rates so far, when compared with 2020. Jeffrey Cleveland, chief economist at Payden & Rygel, says that comes on the expectation of more federal spending under a new Congress and Biden administration. “The expectation is that households will see more relief. So we’ve already had a $600 check here recently, and that could be upsized in the immediate aftermath of the Biden inauguration, and that should help bolster consumer income,” Cleveland said. “And then, as you know, so much of the U.S. economy is driven by consumer spending.”

New PPP changes aim to serve businesses owned by marginalized communities

Jan 12, 2021
A Black-owned bank CEO in South Carolina says the new PPP applicants he's seen are businesses owned by women and people of color.
Applications have to go through community banking organizations — no big banks, for now, at least.
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