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Trump’s census fight is back at the Supreme Court
Nov 27, 2020

Trump’s census fight is back at the Supreme Court

The Trump administration wants to exclude undocumented immigrants from the count. Plus, rethinking city living and urban planning in the time of COVID-19. And, 75 years of the Slinky, another classic toy that's selling during the pandemic.

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Trump administration faces Supreme Court battle over 2020 census, immigration

Oral arguments begin Monday for Trump v. New York, a challenge to the administration’s plan to exclude people who are living in the country illegally from the state-by-state count. Marketplace’s Nova Safo has more.

The pandemic poses challenges and new opportunities for city planning

Nov 27, 2020
New ways of urban living could emerge as the pandemic changes how people gather and move about cities.
On 75th Street in Chicago's Park Manor neighborhood, sidewalk pods were set up to encourage street life amid COVID-19.
Natalie Moore

"Everyone knows it's Slinky": 75 years of a classic toy

Nov 27, 2020
There are more than 350 million Slinkys out there.
Slinky is gender neutral, is sold everywhere and has heavy brand nostalgia.

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