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Wall Street’s guesses about the election and markets
Sep 25, 2020

Wall Street’s guesses about the election and markets

President Trump's recent unwillingness to comment on a peaceful transfer of power has constitutional experts and stock market strategists worried. Uncertainty tends to mean market volatility. Plus, how local businesses that depend on the economy of college sports are faring.

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Banks weigh in on what the 2020 presidential election might do to the stock market

Sep 25, 2020
Economists often look to previous elections to model upcoming ones, but 2020 continues to break the mold.
Goldman Sachs economists said in a note Thursday that worries are overblown — that there will be a victor on election night and in turn the markets will stay steady.
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Regardless of what happens on Election Day, expect market volatility

That’s what Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial, has to say. “Although,” he added, “by the time we get into next year, it doesn’t seem to matter who’s elected. Once the presidential election is behind us, the stock market always tends to do well in the first year.”

How COVID-19 disrupts the economics of college football in small-town Texas

Sep 25, 2020
People who go to sporting events at Texas A&M University usually spend more than $120 million a year.
Because of COVID, Texas A&M is allowing only 25% of the stadium to be filled for its upcoming home games, but that’s still about 30,000 people.
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