Tractor Supply Company and America’s culture wars
Jul 3, 2024

Tractor Supply Company and America’s culture wars

The head of the National Black Farmers Association is calling for the resignation of Tractor Supply's CEO.

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Markets respond to "the Trump trade"

Questions linger after President Joe Biden’s low-rated debate performance. Will he stay in the race? Will he go? And what does that mean for growth, interest rates and tariffs? Analysts say what’s called the Trump Trade may have been driving up interest rates earlier this week. We’ll discuss with analyst Susan Schmidt of the Wisconsin Investment Board.

John Deere job cuts reflect slower agricultural economy

Jul 3, 2024
Crop prices have fallen as production increased, and many farmers have already bought all the equipment they need.
Farmers are spending less money on tractors and equipment this year because crop prices have gone down.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A preview of a $60 million esports tournament

The world’s first Esports World Cup kicks off today in Saudi Arabia, with a prize fund of $60 million. But the tournament has drawn criticism because of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record. The BBC’s Imran Rahman-Jones reports.

Independent video game studios gain popularity in tumultuous industry environment

Jul 3, 2024
Games made by small teams and solo developers are some of the best selling products in the past year.
Big game publishing companies made huge investments during the pandemic, but as player numbers have dwindled, some studios laid off thousands of developers.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

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