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Tourism in Hawaii is approaching pre-pandemic levels
Jun 22, 2021

Tourism in Hawaii is approaching pre-pandemic levels

Businesses in Hawaii welcome the demand but are struggling to keep up. Also, awaiting congressional testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell today, we revisit the debate over inflation. Plus, trying to make sense of seesawing on the stock market. And, is Washington prepping to break up tech giants? We take a look at a package of antitrust bills the House Judiciary Committee is set to consider tomorrow.

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There's no switch you can just flip to get everyone to pile back into the labor market

There are several factors keeping people out of the job market, according to Paul Christopher, head of global market strategy for the Wells Fargo Investment Institute. People are rethinking their work lives, people are still having to worry about child care with schools having been closed and summer now upon us and people are still getting extended federal unemployment benefits. Christopher said he expects more people to come back to the workforce as those benefits expire in all states in the fall and recovery continues. That could mean a peak in wage growth and inflation somewhere in the near-term, and an economic deceleration headed into 2022.

Tourism comes roaring back in Hawaii

Jun 22, 2021
The hospitality industry and the local businesses who rely on it are grateful but are struggling to keep up.
In Hawaii, around 30,000 visitors have been landing every day, which is approaching regular travel season numbers.
Marco Garcia/Getty Images

Congress weighs getting tough on Big Tech

Jun 22, 2021
The House Judiciary Committee is set to consider a package of antitrust bills this week.
The House Judiciary Committee will vote on about a half-dozen antitrust bills, prohibiting tech giants like Facebook and Google from acquiring competitors or forcing them to sell businesses
Greg Nash/Pool/Getty Images

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