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Top banking regulators to testify on the Hill
Mar 28, 2023

Top banking regulators to testify on the Hill

Officials from numerous government agencies that oversee the banking industry will testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee today. We look at what they're expected to tell lawmakers about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and related financial jitters in recent weeks. Plus, protests are continuing in France over president Emmanual Macron's unpopular pension reforms. And, SVB's downfall has brought new uncertainty for a variety of businesses, including some winemakers in California. 

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SVB’s collapse sends California wineries into a state of uncertainty

Mar 28, 2023
More than 400 California wineries borrowed from Silicon Valley Bank. In the aftermath of its collapse, many are wondering what comes next.
In addition to lending to wineries, SVB helped raise money for basics like bedding and food for area farmworkers, said farmworker advocate Rosaura Segura.
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