This time, it’s scammers beware
Apr 2, 2024

This time, it’s scammers beware

A new Federal Trade Commission rule went into effect this week that gives the FTC more tools to go after scammers.

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New FTC rule aims to crack down on impersonation scams

Apr 2, 2024
Posing as a bank or other trusted institution to cheat the public will be outlawed and the agency will get new tools to go after scammers.
Scammers often may already have lots of your personal information thanks to data breaches, allowing them to sound more convincing.
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A landmark AI agreement

The United States and the United Kingdom have just signed a deal to cooperate on safeguards for artificial intelligence. The agreement also allows the two countries to share information about AI capabilities and risks as the technology moves ahead quickly.

End of internet subsidies for low-income households threatens access to telehealth

Apr 2, 2024
A federal program that helped pay for more than 23 million low-income households’ internet access runs out of money soon.
Nonprofit groups like Link Health worked to sign up patients and community members for discounted internet service through a national program that's set to run out of funds this spring.
Courtesy Link Health

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