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There’s a boost in apartment and condo construction. Why?
Apr 21, 2022

There’s a boost in apartment and condo construction. Why?

There's been a surge of multi-unit construction going on, and we look into the reasons for it. Among them – as people moved out of cities during the thick of the pandemic era, they headed to the suburbs. That triggered higher rents and the kind of motivation to build more apartments and condos. Diane Swonk stops by to offer insight on how the inflation-fighting tactics in the U.S. could have ripple effects throughout the rest of the world. Speaking of rising prices, another issue appears from above: avian flu, which is driving up the cost of eggs.

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Why there's so much new multifamily construction right now

Apr 21, 2022
Rents are up, providing builders an incentive.
Higher rents in outlying suburbs have been an incentive for builders to construct more apartments.
Al Bello/Getty Images

Added to consumer price woes: avian flu is raising the cost of eggs

Apr 21, 2022
The American Egg Board estimates about 6% of the laying hen population has been affected.
More than 27 million chickens and turkeys have been infected with avian flu, driving up the price of eggs.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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