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The US is about to be scratched off the EU’s safe travel list
Aug 30, 2021

The US is about to be scratched off the EU’s safe travel list

Also today: There's a bill in California that would make the state the second one in the country to effectively end single-family-only zoning. Also, roller skating has made a comeback, but even that has been affected by shortages. In this case, it's the skates themselves.

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Roller-skating makes a comeback despite skate shortage

Aug 30, 2021
Most roller skates are made in overseas factories with backlogs. Interest in outdoor skating is taking customers from indoor rinks.
David Miles Jr., the self-described Godfather of Skate, has a good time in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
Raquel Maria Dillon

California hopes for a duplex revolution

Aug 30, 2021
The bill likely to become law would effectively end single-family-only zoning across the state. But will it ease housing prices?
People look at a San Francisco home during an open house in April 2019.  Following a dramatic jump in housing prices over the past year, a California bill that has passed both chambers seeks to effectively end single-family-only zoning.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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