The rise of the “outdoorsy” real estate craze
Mar 6, 2023

The rise of the “outdoorsy” real estate craze

Resort towns across the Western U.S. are seeing record-breaking prices for housing amid a wave of buying by ultra-rich people. The trend is fueling a housing crisis for local workers, who often find themselves being priced out of housing. New legislation in the Senate is looking to restrict senior members of the executive branch from trading stocks. And, retailers are saying that inflation-wary consumers are prioritizing value over luxury...and stores are shifting gears to accommodate. 

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Retailers say customers are focusing on essentials

Mar 6, 2023
Between inflation and a possibly looming recession, some big box stores are on edge.
Retailers are shifting focus to match inflation-weary customers' preferences for savings over slurging.
George Frey/Getty Images

Western resort towns see record-breaking real estate prices — and housing woes

Mar 6, 2023
More wealthy people are moving to mountain communities, pushing up home values and pushing out some local workers.
Ariel Kazunas says she’s dealt with unstable housing for most of the decade she's lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For one season, she lived out of a vehicle.
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