The return of back-to-school shopping
Jul 5, 2021

The return of back-to-school shopping

School is back on for the fall, and so is back-to-school shopping. We look at how spending is expected to change. Also, the NCAA has temporarily suspended its rules restricting college athletes from making money by selling the rights to their names, images and likenesses. This new policy will likely prove to be a big financial boon for not just athletes, but also agents. Plus, what Spotify's expansion into more than 40 African countries means for local streaming services there. And, how the pandemic may have changed theme parks for good going forward.

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Can college athletes now hire agents to help them navigate name, image and likeness branding?

Patrick Rishe, director of the sports business program at Washington University in St. Louis, has more.

Back-to-school shopping makes a comeback

Jul 5, 2021
The expanded federal child tax credit could help many parents foot the bill for supplies.
Family shopping-for-school budgets are likely to get a boost from the recently expanded federal child tax credit.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Spotify offers music streaming in more African countries

Jul 5, 2021
The expansion offers African music lovers another option and makes the landscape more competitive for local streaming services, like Gateway in Zimbabwe.
Spotify's streaming expansion is sparking competition with local platforms in Africa.
Rich Fury via Getty Images for Spotify

Theme parks likely to keep mobile tech put to the test by the pandemic

Jul 5, 2021
Face-to-face service isn't completely gone, but visitors are seeing more mobile options to do things like sign up for rides.
Tech advances at theme parks, like advanced ride sign-ups, are likely to outlast the pandemic.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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