The new, limited OSHA rules for workplace safety
Jun 11, 2021

The new, limited OSHA rules for workplace safety

More than a year into the pandemic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released emergency standards for the workplace, but they're only for health care workers. Also, ahead of the G-7 summit, there were reports that President Joe Biden was going to raise concerns about tensions in Northern Ireland in his talks with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday. Johnson, speaking with the BBC, said that did not happen. And, new guidelines this week call for banks to take extra care in case cryptocurrency investments go bad.

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OSHA issues workplace COVID rules, but they're limited to health care

Jun 11, 2021
There are still no emergency COVID standards from OSHA for other industries like meatpacking and farming.
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Banks should have capital set aside to cover crypto losses, regulators say

Regulators want banks to have cushions of capital when it comes to cryptocurrency investments.
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