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The long history of student divestment protests
Apr 30, 2024

The long history of student divestment protests

Today: examining how today's calls for university divestment from Israel mirror protests against apartheid in South Africa.

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Student protestors have a long history of demanding financial divestment

Apr 30, 2024
In the '70s and '80s, college students demanded divestment as a way to put pressure on South Africa to end its apartheid policy.
Pro-Palestinian students and demonstrators barricade themselves at Columbia University's Hamilton Hall  on Tuesday.
Alex Kent/Getty Images

A new federal regulation expected to save hundreds of lives a year

By the end of the decade, all cars and light trucks must have automatic emergency braking and collision warning. Many do already but some systems are sub par. Marketplace’s Nova Safo reports.

The federal government's inflation measures can feel ... wrong. How accurate are they?

Apr 30, 2024
CPI and PCE can both seem to be out of step with consumers' experience.
The CPI and PCE each have their own basket of goods and services they keep an eye on to determine how inflation is doing.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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