The latest on that potential TikTok ban
Jun 21, 2024

The latest on that potential TikTok ban

In a new court filing, ByteDance says government officials have refused to seriously negotiate for two years.

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It's tick-tock for TikTok

TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has six months to divest or the U.S. plans to ban the app for national security reasons. Now, ByteDance is going on the offensive. In a new court filing, it calls the demands of the U.S. government unconstitutional.

AI could automate over half of banking jobs

Jun 21, 2024
A new report by Citi looks at the financial tasks that will be delegated to AI — and the new ones that will crop up.
One thing AI won’t be as good at as human bankers? Dealing with human customers.
Fly View Productions/Getty Images

What if your deepfake was circulating halfway across the world in China?

Jun 21, 2024
Deepfakes of foreigners have been cropping up more frequently on Chinese social media.
A Chinese social media account showing deepfakes of a foreigner who turns out to be a real person in the U.S.: journalism professor Andrea Gabor.

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