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The latest global ransomware attack
Jul 5, 2021

The latest global ransomware attack

The hackers behind a massive, worldwide cyberattack have a new demand. Now they apparently want $70 million. Plus, those in commercial fishing fear that offshore wind farms pose an existential threat to their industry. And, another place where touchless technology and mobile transactions are taking hold: U.S. theme parks.

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Fishing industry says offshore wind projects could sink its business

Jul 5, 2021
Commercial vessels say they may need to quit some areas altogether as turbines are constructed.
Scallop bags from the Furious are offloaded and weighed at the Gambardella warehouse on the Stonington Town Dock.
Harriet Jones

Theme parks likely to keep mobile tech put to the test by the pandemic

Jul 5, 2021
Face-to-face service isn't completely gone, but visitors are seeing more mobile options to do things like sign up for rides.
Tech advances at theme parks, like advanced ride sign-ups, are likely to outlast the pandemic.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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