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The labor market may be cooling off, just a little bit
Aug 4, 2022

The labor market may be cooling off, just a little bit

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' JOLTS report is out, and it indicates that the labor market may be in the early stages of cooling off. We talk about what the report means, and if businesses are feeling less hiring pressure. The Bank of England raised rates today in its biggest increase since 1995. And, horses are back working in French wine country, bucking their mechanical tractor counterparts. 

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Determined to woo customers, airlines offer more flexibility

Aug 4, 2022
Southwest Airlines says it's getting rid of its one-year expiration date on flight credits. Analysts say more carriers may follow.
Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

Horses are again working in French vineyards

Aug 4, 2022
The animals can work land that is inaccessible to tractors, and vineyard owners say they improve the soil for grapes. But they raise costs as well.
A horse named Diva at work at Chandon de Briailles, one of many French vineyards that use horses instead of tractors.
John Laurenson

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