The fight against inflation is affecting the housing sector
Sep 20, 2022

The fight against inflation is affecting the housing sector

The housing market remains a rough place for both buyers and sellers under the cloud of inflation ... and also rising interest rates. An expert helps explain how gerrymandering can actually impact credit.

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Why a tougher market for homebuyers isn't necessarily great for sellers either

Sep 20, 2022
Buyers are seeing lower prices and less competition, but high mortgage rates. And sellers might not see the profits they were hoping for.
A rougher housing market carries challenges for both buyers and sellers alike.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Partisan gerrymandering can reduce access to credit, study finds

Sep 20, 2022
Lawmakers from politically drawn districts feel less pressure to cater to voters and exert less pressure on lenders, a researcher says.
Rawley Heimer, a professor of finance at Arizona State, says lawmakers from politically drawn  districts tend to be less sensitive to voters' needs and put less pressure on lenders.
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