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The drama of Disney and the activist shareholder
Apr 4, 2024

The drama of Disney and the activist shareholder

At Disney's annual shareholder meeting this year, an unusually bitter and public battle played out. We unpack.

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Numbers will be higher, but how much higher?

There’s a big potential mover of markets on Friday: the government’s numbers on hiring, plus the unemployment rate. Let’s get our weekly consultation with Diane Swonk, chief economist at the audit tax and advisory firm KPMG.

The great Disney-activist investor showdown

Sometimes annual corporate shareholder meetings are mundane. Not so this year at Disney, where there was a highly publicized battle for a say in how the company is run. That battle ended Wednesday, with Disney’s current leadership prevailing in a fight with a high-profile investor.

What Yellen's trip entails

Treasury secretary Janet Yellen arrives in China on Thursday as she tries to stabilize fraught economic relations. She’s due to meet with Chinese officials and U.S. business executives in Beijing and the manufacturing hub of Guangzhou.

Delays in Boeing deliveries bring voluntary unpaid time off for United's pilots

Apr 4, 2024
United and Southwest have also paused hiring because of the delivery delays. Higher airfares could be on the way.
United Airlines has paused its hiring of pilots and is offering pilots voluntary unpaid time off in May due to Boeing aircraft production issues.
Kevin Carter/Getty Images

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