The connection between the Fed and the world
Sep 8, 2022

The connection between the Fed and the world

The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve are fighting the same battle against inflation. Diane Swonk of KPMG helps us explore the link between the Fed and global economy. In the U.S., the West is generally holding up against an onslaught of heat, but we look into how power grids can generally hold up against the effects of climate change. Schools have money and a chance to catch students up on learning lost during the pandemic, but is it enough?

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How power grids can be more resilient to climate change's effects

Sep 8, 2022
In the West, drought and fire can unite to put extra stress on the grid.
The power grid in California has held up under the test of a heatwave for now.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

After years of just making it through, schools have chance to tackle learning loss

Sep 8, 2022
Schools must spend at least 20% of American Rescue plan funds on academic catch up. Some say it should be way more than that.
Federal recovery money can help school trying to catch students up, but there are other factors to consider.
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