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The Afghan path to evacuation is chaotic and paved with obstacles
Aug 20, 2021

The Afghan path to evacuation is chaotic and paved with obstacles

Susan Schmidt talks about the markets' sad week. And if you're buying a home in Austin, Texas, know this: The city wins for the largest increase in homes selling above asking price.

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Many homes in Austin are selling way above asking price

Aug 20, 2021
Some 2,700 homes in Austin, Texas have sold for $100,000 or more above their initial listing price this year
Home prices in Austin, Texas have surged 30% in the last year.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

"Complete chaos" reigns over Afghan evacuation

Aug 20, 2021
"This is going to be more difficult than the evacuation of Saigon," said Matt Zeller, co-founder of a nonprofit helping with the evacuation effort.
Afghans wait at a military airport in Kabul to board a U.S. aircraft to leave the country, days after the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.
Wakil Kohsar/AFP via Getty Images

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