That Roomba in your Amazon cart? Today might be the day.
Jul 11, 2023

That Roomba in your Amazon cart? Today might be the day.

Happy Prime Day(s)! Why do retailers have big savings events for seemingly no reason? We'll discuss. Plus, sportswashing in the golf world and an incoming indicator for interest rates.

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Economists forecast inflation cooling with the latest consumer price index this week

Jul 11, 2023
That would be a good sign for the Federal Reserve as it tries to get inflation under control.
Right now, incoming inflation reports like the CPI are extra-important because the Federal Reserve uses the data to determine whether its going to raise rates again.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Senators to ask PGA Tour execs why they pivoted from slamming rival LIV to merging with it

Jul 11, 2023
The answer involves Saudi Arabian billions pouring into sports to buff up the kingdom's reputation.
Major state investment in a sport to call attention away from a record of human rights abuses is called sportswashing, says Wharton professor Kenneth Shropshire.
Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images

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