That last-minute Valentine’s Day bouquet won’t be cheap
Feb 14, 2022

That last-minute Valentine’s Day bouquet won’t be cheap

This Valentine's Day, inflation is also running red hot. Supply chain disruptions are a part of rising prices. And that goes for flowers, too. Also, a major trade route between the U.S. and Canada is open to traffic once again after police cleared out those protesting Canada's COVID rules. Plus, consumers aren't feeling very confident about the economy. How does that affect spending? And, markets around the world start the week down on fears of Russia invading Ukraine.

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Consumer sentiment is down. Will consumer spending follow?

Feb 14, 2022
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index is at a 10-year low. But consumer demand and savings remain high.
The job market is booming. Wages are rising. And yet for the past few months now, consumers have been feeling worse and worse about their finances and the state of the U.S. economy.
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Global markets fall on increased tensions between Russia and Ukraine

The BBC’s Victoria Craig, host of the global edition of Marketplace Morning Report, has more.

Thinking hearts and flowers? Valentine's Day bouquets may cost a bit more this year

Feb 14, 2022
Florists say they need to charge more because their costs have gone up.
If you want a dozen red roses for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, florists say you better be prepared to pay more.
Siegfried Modola/Getty Images

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