Teamsters union turns its attention to Amazon
Jun 23, 2021

Teamsters union turns its attention to Amazon

The Teamsters union is set to vote Thursday on a plan to help Amazon workers unionize. Also, it's sometimes called "thermostat hijacking" or "thermostat sharing": Customers check the temperature only to see it set to warmer than they had programmed. Turns out this is something they've consented to, and it has to do with managing the power grid during a heat wave. And, keeping an eye out for corporate "rainbow washing" during Pride Month.

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Texas homeowners startled by "hijacked" thermostats

Jun 23, 2021
The changes were made by utilities trying to manage overtaxed power grids.
Customers who found their homes warmer than they'd programmed had actually consented to these changes, which were made by an energy-management firm called EnergyHub.
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"Rainbow washing" during Pride hurts both brands and consumers

Simply attaching your brand to a rainbow flag but failing to take further action can have unintended negative results.
Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

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