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Supreme Court draws a small line on forced arbitration
Jun 7, 2022

Supreme Court draws a small line on forced arbitration

The Supreme Court ruled on a case Monday that could have an effect on how employers utilize forced arbitration. The ruling: Southwest Airlines couldn't make a baggage handler resolve her complaint about unpaid overtime leave within the confines of private arbitration ... she's able to sue them in court. The Bureau of Land Management is attempting to address overstays and people living on public lands as a result of the housing crisis. 

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Housing crisis pushes more people to camp on public lands

Jun 7, 2022
Officials who help oversee public lands say they are seeing a lot more families living in these spaces.
A vehicle parked on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management outside Boise, Idaho. BLM officers say this is a typical setup of those living on public lands.
Madelyn Beck/Mountain West News.

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