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Senators, President Biden take aim at corporate “junk fees”
Feb 13, 2023

Senators, President Biden take aim at corporate “junk fees”

As the new Congress gets underway, one priority for a bipartisan group of senators led by Massachusetts' Ed Markey is getting rid of corporate "junk fees," starting with ones airlines charge parents to sit with their young children. It's a sentiment that's been echoed by President Biden, who focused on extraneous fees in his recent State of the Union address. Recent economic data has been positively upbeat, but economist Julia Coronado warns that some of the good news could be overstated because of seasonal trends. And, a look inside the world of regenerative agriculture, a greener alternative to traditional farming. 

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With "regenerative" farming, small growers can reap big profits for air and soil

Feb 13, 2023
Some farmers use methods that reduce carbon and raise crops more sustainably. They hope for support in the next federal farm bill.
Mollie Engelhart started her farm four years ago to support her vegan restaurant chain, Sage.
Courtesy Engelhart

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