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Senate confirms Lisa Cook as first Black woman to serve on Fed board
May 11, 2022

Senate confirms Lisa Cook as first Black woman to serve on Fed board

The Senate has confirmed President Biden’s nominee Lisa Cook to serve on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The economist will be the first Black woman ever to serve on the board. Also, Marketplace's China correspondent Jennifer Pak checks in from Shanghai, which is still in COVID lockdown and actually increasing restrictions. And, hear from a company that makes compact shelters for those experiencing homelessness in Washington state.

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Washington company that makes shelters for unhoused people thrives in the pandemic

May 11, 2022
The company, Pallet, says shelters have been sold for use in more than 80 communities.
Vancouver's "Safe Stay Community" officially opened Dec. 23. Tenants said they were excited to leave their tents and hopeful for more stability in the city-sanctioned site.
Troy Brynelson / OPB

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