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School districts brace for the impact of inflation
Feb 15, 2022

School districts brace for the impact of inflation

Also today: Vacation rentals remain popular with remote workers who like to come for the work and stay for everything else. The Senate Banking Committee prepares to vote on President Biden's nominees for the Fed.

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School districts are grappling with rising costs

Feb 15, 2022
As school districts start to plan for the future, they are trying to figure out if costs for things like fuel, paper and cafeteria food are going to continue to go up.
Inflation has affected school districts everywhere, as costs for everything from cleaning supplies to bus fuel has gone up.
shaunl / Getty Images

Even as the pandemic subsides, vacation rentals remain popular with "digital nomads"

Feb 15, 2022
They're still boosting local economies. They're also contributing to rising home prices.
"Digital nomads" are still dominating part of the vacation rental space, but it's affecting affordable housing in some areas.
Farknot_Architect / Getty Images

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