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Samsung vice chairman is back in prison
Jan 18, 2021

Samsung vice chairman is back in prison

Samsung shares dropped 4% in Seoul Monday morning on the news. Plus, on MLK Day, a look at how charity and nonprofit volunteers are serving during the pandemic. And, a lottery in Italy that's meant to encourage cashless payments and fight tax evasion.

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Charities, nonprofits alter pandemic volunteer operations

Jan 18, 2021
Even volunteer work has gone remote. That approach has made it easier for more people to join in.
Food delivery, online tutoring and virtual wellness checks are among the types of volunteer work prevalent during the pandemic.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Italy launches app with incentives to get consumers to go cashless

Jan 18, 2021
In its battle against tax evasion, the government wants more Italians to change their payment method.
The Italian government is discouraging the use of cash and encouraging purchases by credit card to help it collect taxes.
Ridofranz via Getty Images

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