How Robinhood makes its money
Dec 18, 2020

How Robinhood makes its money

The popular app for trading stocks is in hot water, and will pay $65 million to settle SEC charges. Plus, another major antitrust lawsuit for Google. And, what to expect from the the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Biden.

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Robinhood slapped with two separate regulatory complaints

Dec 18, 2020
Massachusetts regulators say the brokerage app Robinhood makes it too easy for inexperienced traders to buy risky options.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Financial watchdog expected to regain teeth under Biden

Dec 18, 2020
Under President Trump, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau relaxed rules on payday lending and debt collection.
Consumer advocates want to see the CFPB under Biden tighten rules on payday loans, bank fees and credit report errors.
Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images

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