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Too much success for online trading platforms?
Jan 29, 2021

Too much success for online trading platforms?

Robinhood is among the brokerages in the hot seat after locking down some trading and raising a whole lot of money to prop itself up. Plus, the "economic anger" underlying all of those who are putting the squeeze on hedge funds and other institutional investors. And, how one year of working on the COVID front lines is taking a toll on health care workers' mental health.

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GameStop shares back up after Robinhood relaxes restrictions

After shares of the video game retailer closed down 44% Thursday, they were up about 80% at market open Friday.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

The frenzy feeding purchases of GameStop shares and other stocks has a whole lot of "economic anger" behind it, one economist says

Christopher Low, chief economist at FHN Financial, has heard from those buying stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment, and in some cases they are well aware it’s a bubble. He said they’re admitting, “We’ll probably lose out, and we don’t care. We’re just glad to have been part of the revolution.”

An ICU nurse describes the exhaustion of working on COVID's front lines

Jan 29, 2021
In a recent survey of health care workers, 93% said they were experiencing elevated levels of stress.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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