Rising prices roll out the unwelcome mat for first-time homebuyers
Dec 28, 2021

Rising prices roll out the unwelcome mat for first-time homebuyers

Also today: Gus Faucher joins us to talk about how higher prices on goods and services could lead to continued inflation. Seasonal hiring has taken a dip, and with omicron still looming, fewer temporary workers could have trouble staying on permanently.

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First-time homebuyers found a tough housing market this year

Dec 28, 2021
The National Association of Realtors estimates about a million potential first-time buyers have been left on the sidelines because of rising home prices and other factors.
All-cash offers are making house purchases less accessible for first-time home buyers.
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Poor seasonal hiring and omicron could mean few temp workers get permanent jobs

Dec 28, 2021
Companies are having difficulty finding workers and at the same time they can't predict what will happen in 2022 as omicron spreads
Seasonal hiring is at its lowest level since 2016.
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