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Retailers are stocking more stuff, a good sign for the economy
Feb 8, 2023

Retailers are stocking more stuff, a good sign for the economy

The most recent issue of the Logistics Managers Index, an industry gauge of retail inventories, showed that sellers expanded their stocks in January. That suggests that consumer demand is remaining strong and that supply chains are sorting themselves out, all good signs for the economy. We spoke with Dr. Julie Varughese, senior vice president of programs and chief medical officer at Americares, a disaster relief nonprofit, about the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. And what's behind Fed Chair Powell's most recent words on inflation and rate hikes?

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Business inventories are finally rebounding, a sign of a healing supply chain

Feb 8, 2023
In January, business inventories expanded. That's a positive sign about the economy's health.
The January Logistics Managers Index found that businesses expanded their inventories, which is a good sign about the health of the economy.
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How aid is getting to earthquake-affected Turkey and Syria

Inside the partnerships getting essential aid and care to those impacted by the recent earthquake.
Mehmet Kacmaz/Getty Images

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