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COVID is making it hard for people to spend during the holidays
Dec 16, 2020

COVID is making it hard for people to spend during the holidays

Also, record numbers of daily COVID deaths in Germany as the country enters a four-week lockdown. And, college athletics departments looking to compensate for lost income turn to gambling partnerships.

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Retail sales disappoint at a time when the COVID-stressed economy could use more spending

Susan Schmidt, head of U.S. equities at Aviva Investors, says what we saw was “a decline of 1.1% month over month. Now, that’s not good as we head into the holiday shopping season. The worst sectors in that were clothing stores and restaurants.” Moreover, Schmidt said, “we were hoping with the advent of the Christmas holidays, you’d see that shopping increase. We’re not. And so instead we see a consumer that’s still pretty tentative going into the holiday season and waiting for further stimulus from the government.”

One way for college athletics departments to make up for lost income: gambling partnerships

Dec 16, 2020
It's an attractive — if contentious — revenue stream for schools.
A USC Trojan celebrates a sack of the ASU Wildcat quarterback in a nearly empty stadium on Nov. 14.
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