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The racial disparities in remote schooling
Nov 17, 2020

The racial disparities in remote schooling

Plus, where President-elect Joe Biden stands on forgiving student loan debt. And, retail sales growth slowed in October. That's not a great sign for economic recovery, and neither is the continued absence of a new federal pandemic relief package.

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Retail sales are the latest indicator of slowed economic growth coming out of the third quarter

Retail sales just inched up for last month. David Kelly, chief global strategist at JP Morgan funds, says “things do seem to be slowing down in the month of October. And of course, they could slow down some more, unfortunately, over the next few months, because this pandemic is getting worse.” And, Kelly believes we won’t see any new federal pandemic aid until January, once a new Congress is installed. “It seems like until there are no political stakes left, you have to get to that point before people will do the rational thing and the right thing to help people through the rest of this pandemic,” he said.

Black students most likely to be going to school remotely

Nov 17, 2020
More than 70% of Black students are going to school entirely online, compared to 40% of white students.
More than 70% of Black students are learning entirely remotely right now, according to a Marketplace-Edison Research poll.
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