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Record gas prices pump in record profits
Aug 2, 2022

Record gas prices pump in record profits

BP raked in $8.5 billion in profits in the three months ending in June, and you can add that figure to the mountain of profits from other Western oil and gas companies. The position of substitute teacher has grown in prominence. High-tech companies in the U.S. are investing in China, and that raises a lot of questions.

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Should the U.S. try to restrict high-tech American companies from investing in China?

Aug 2, 2022
The proposal is part of a larger competition package being considered in Congress.
U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai explains why addressing economic coercion from China is a challenge.
cbarnesphotography/Getty Images

As more teachers leave the profession, substitutes become even more essential

Aug 2, 2022
Pandemic-era needs for substitute teachers are changing how schools fill the job – and who they hire to fill it.
The concept of the substitute teacher has been altered because of the pandemic-fueled teacher shortage.
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