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More evidence of an uneven economic recovery
May 4, 2021

More evidence of an uneven economic recovery

Yesterday Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell shared some new data that confirms "those least able to bear the burden have been the hardest hit" by the economic downturn. Plus, Lyft and Uber leave behind plans for self-driving cars for now. And, a growing number of Republican-led states have passed legislation this year to restrict the rights of transgender people. In the past, state laws targeting LGBTQ rights have been met with boycotts, and eventually failed. The economic response this time has been more muted so far.

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Lyft, Uber back away from autonomous cars

May 4, 2021
Lyft announced last week it was selling its self-driving car unit to Toyota, and Uber sold its self-driving business in December.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

States passing anti-transgender laws could face economic backlash

May 4, 2021
The corporate response so far has been muted.
Opponents of several bills targeting transgender youth attend a rally at the Alabama State House to draw attention to anti-transgender legislation introduced in the state, on March 30, 2021 in Montgomery, Ala.
Julie Bennett/Getty Images

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