Pfizer’s COVID treatment drug is set to become much more available
Apr 26, 2022

Pfizer’s COVID treatment drug is set to become much more available

More people will soon have access to Pfizer's Paxlovid COVID treatment. After initial supply limits, the Biden administration says the country now has plenty available and that it wants more locations to offer the drug. We talk to Marketplace's Nova Safo about how the drug may soon become widely available in pharmacies. Blackstone, one of the country's largest investors, will purchase a massive office complex called PS Business Parks, signaling a shift back toward office work after the pandemic drove people to work at home. The negligent homicide case involving a nurse is being closely monitored by medical professionals who worry it could set a precedent of criminalizing medical mistakes.

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Blackstone bets $7.6 billion that office parks have a bright future

Apr 26, 2022
For some businesses, work from home just isn't a thing.
Richard Baker/In Pictures via Getty Images

Guilty verdict for Tennessee nurse in case involving medical error has other nurses worried

Apr 26, 2022
RaDonda Vaught awaits sentencing for criminally negligent homicide. Her conviction is weighing heavily on a weary profession.
The pandemic has already taken a toll on those in the nursing sector. Now, the criminal conviction of RaDonda Vaught — who made a fatal medication error — is another source of anxiety and frustration for nurses.
Sergey Tinyakov/Getty Images

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